Intermediate 2

Course Content

The course is divided into 2 units. All pupils study the language unit plus one of the other 3 optional units.

Unit 1: Language – This unit covers 3 broad themes:

  • Lifestyles (family/friends/leisure/daily routine)
  • Education and Work (school/college and work)
  • The Wider World (holiday/travel/tourism)

Unit 2: Personal Communication – Based on the themes of Lifestyles and Education and Work, pupils learn to write personal responses to letters written in French.


Unit 2: Language and Work – Pupils use language in a vocational context, the focus being on writing.


Unit 2: Extended Reading and Viewing – The focus of study is on written text(s) and possibly a linked film or video.

Information Technology

Pupils are encouraged to make use of the internet and VLE and to re-draft written work using word processing.


Regular completion of homework is an essential part of the course. For example pupils have to prepare reading passages, do grammar exercises, learn vocabulary and phrases and prepare for speaking tasks. Pupils should have access to a French– English dictionary for use at home.


A. In School assessments:

Unit 1 1 listening and 1 reading test on any of the 3 themes.

1 speaking test covering topics from two themes.

Unit 2 (Personal Communication) – 1 writing test.

(Language & Work) – 1 writing test (1 x business letter, 1 x e-mail)

(Extended Reading and Viewing) – 1 writing test

B External: 1 test listening (20%)

1 test reading (30%)

1 test writing (20%)

The speaking test for Unit 1 counts towards 30% of the final course award.