Theme 1

Within this theme, the main focus is on life in a French-speaking country. During this theme, pupils will discuss stereotypes and British people’s perceptions of life in the French-speaking world. At the end of this theme, pupils are able to use their knowledge of the French language to:

  • Describe what they and other people look like
  • Describe their and other people’s personalities
  • Say what they and others are wearing
  • Talk about where people live
  • Identify key cities and landmarks in French-speaking countries

At the end of Theme 1, pupils work with others in their class to carry out a research project. For this project, pupils are required to use various types of media and resources to find information about how Christmas is celebrated in a French-speaking country. They are then required to put together a presentation describing how Christmas in Britain compares to Christmas in the country they have chosen to research.